Lawless Era is an active World of Warcraft
guild located in EU-Magtheridon realm!

Like many others there was two guilds strugling to find enough people to participate regular raiding and other events. After few weeks of talking and negotiations those two guilds, EPPIC and Monochrome decided it was time to join forces by merging. And now we all are living happily in Lawless Era!

Even when raiding was the leading force for merging we still keep the social aspect in our hearts. Casual is maybe overused word in WoW nowadays, but we are not taking things too seriously. And we usually do what guildies want. Like PvP, old content and some achievement & mount farmings.

We have 2 full raiding teams and some extra raiders so maybe there is time for 3rd raid team or start 25man?  Interested?

Bury the fallen, silence the drums. Thunder King is down.

Jun 18th, 19:18 long and hard work was done when Lei Shen falled after few tries. Our journey has been long and full of obstacles - many of those were more about lacking ppl than game ones. 


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Gather heroes, sound the drums. The Thunder King comes.

Patch 5.2 was launched couple days ago and ppl are busy doing dailies, trying new content, doing dailies, learning changes to their class, doing dailies and doing dailies. But still we found time to try MSV 25man on Wednesday! And yesterday we almost killed Jin'rokh the Breaker when just went to have a little sneak peak for the new encounter.

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Mogushan Vault Guild Run complete!

Ok – the year changed and before reset we decided to try the last boss on MV. After couple failed attempts we broke the Will of the emperor. That wasn't so bad. The Elegon was much worse. Altough we could tune up our teamwork a bit ;) So we finally got Mogushan Vauld Guild Run – achievement which was actually guilds 100th achievement!!!

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Elegon is down!

Elegon, The Destroyer of raids, Celestial mayhem is finally down. Many say that in normal mode Elegon is clearly the hardest boss in Mogushan vault. That's because it needs both good DPS, but also good coordination and precision. One mistake from one member can end it all. As we noticed so many times ;)

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One week after the merge

Ok. It has been one week since we decided to do the merge. It was a bit sudden, but like I whispered Kaz (or who was it?) that why wait. Just do it! And so Kaz was first to move and when we saw that she wasn't killed instantly we followed. There has been small wrinkles in our new love, but at least I haven't seen any huge rage against merge.

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2012. (c) Lawless Era, EU-Magtheridon
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